Friday, February 27, 2009

Wildan's Farewell...

Today is the last day for Wildan in SDBS...He has completed his 3-months internship. I was feeling a bit sad coz he's like a bro to me..we're very close..he's a good boy..I can share and talk just abt anything with him..After GHR meeting at Head Office this morning, my boss took him to Tenjin (Japanese Buffet Restaurant) at Solaris, Mont Kiara for Farewell Lunch. We arrived in Tenji at 12.30 pm and finished at 3.30 pm..hahaha..lama tu!!..mana taknya...buffet ma....besides,tunggu Mr.RO yang lambat sampai sbb sesat jalan...he came all the way from Subang Jaya.

I ate a lot of sushi and drink a lot of coconut...let me tell you that the coconut taste very nice..It was my second time at Tenji. Before this, I had a lunch with client; Ms Evelyn and Ms. Jil.

FYI, the price per head is very reasonable. It's just RM 77..reasonable coz you can eat as much as you can...if you are a big eater like me,then it's a perfect choice..I can go for 5-6 round and eat most of the dishes there...try MISO is nioe..The foods are fresh...I will bring my family to this restaurant..My mom loves Japanese/Chinese food...

Back to Wildan story, me and my boss glad to have Wildan around...he has helped us a lot for the past 3-months. Hope that he will keep in touch with us. While waiting for the next intake for a degree programme in July, he has accepted an offer from our client to work with them for another 3-months or so.

I would like to wish him best of luck!. A while ago, he did text to thank me. Wildan, if you read this, you are most welcome. Thanks for being a good friend and a good brother to me.

May our path cross again and would be glad to have you again @ SDBS in future. Plese let us know if you change your number....aits..

Good Luck Wildan...all the best to you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Takde per....

I had menstrual pain and cramp on my lower abdomen.Text my boss saying that I coming in late to office.

Arrived in office @ 10:30 am. Prepared some documents for a meeting with client at Taipan USJ @ 2.30 pm.

Later,went to Subang Parade and had late lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market. Arrived home at 6:30 pm.Penat banget seh!!...Hubby bought nasik lemak for me...terasa bersalah jugek sbb dah lama bebenor x masak..hehe..sorry sayang,will cook on weekends k...

Need to go to bed now...will blog again tomorrow..Nite nite...!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

ESQ 165...

Yeayyy!!!..I've got Green-Belt for my ESQ..just finished my ESQ Training 2 days ago.Thanks boss for releasing me to attend the training. I hv learned a lot from the 2-day session.Today is my rest day.Need to rejuvenate myself before I go to work tomorrow. Just to share abt ESQ..What is ESQ 165?...The ESQ I65 training programme is a model that combines spiritual, emotional and intellectual intelligence to develop and improve an individual's way of life and outlook.

The numbers 165 represent the model of character it is built on: One Value, Six Pillars of Islamic Faith (Principles) and Five Pillars of Islam an empty-glass mindset.The training starts from a small step and it is a snowball process whereby the outcome would be posessing a very strong drive a spiritual drive that we can apply in our daily activities including work.Today there are many people who are intellectuall sound and capable but are deprived of a certain level of happiness,and this caused by the absence of spiritual intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is about awareness that is built in the human brain. It searches for meaning, and if one can find the very fundamental reason to the meaning of his or her presence,then everything he or she does or perform becomes meaningful.

The most fundamental questions of "Who am I?" and "Where am I going?" are unanswerable by most people.This creates the condition of an individual's split personality. Split personality is when a person is unable to instill spiritual values into his or her work and activities other than his/her religious rituals, and when they go to work it becomes unworthy, with no meaning and value except for the pursue of emotional and financial security. This is where the context of ESQ comes in.

When intellectual and emotional capabilities are used for spiritual purposes,based on spiritual ground and values, only then he/she show his/her utmost capabilities and potential. This programme is about combining all capabilities to get the best out of a person. Spirituality cannot be learnt through intellectual discussions, as this can only be obtained through being God concious.

The ESQ training tries to satisfy the desires of the three capabilities of an individual. In the delivery of the programme, there is never a doctrine. Every spiritual discussion, will be linked to an intellectual discussion so people can understand and accept.

I will share more on ESQ in future with my blog readers and to those interested to know more...for personal discussion,can reach me at

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sinetron TV3

Currently, I am having a habit of watching Indonesian drama called Istri Untuk Suamiku..Usually I dun watch Indonesian drama but I dunno what interest me...Despite of busy schedule,I am still spend some of my time to watch this drama...the drama makes me eager to know more of the story.

The story is about a wife named Aliya who sacrifies her feelings & happiness for her family happiness. .One morning, she had vomitted and not feeling well, her MIL thot she was pregnant, unfortunately, after she went to the clinic, the doctor confirmed that she had food poisoning..she was so dissapointed and almost gave up hope..but she did not tell her MIL that she is not pregnant. After deep thinking about her MIL feelings of having a grandchild, she decided to look for another woman to marry her husband..she did that because she tought that she could not get pregnant and she wanted her MIL to be happy. Her husband, Krisna did not agree at first but he had to do it for the sake of his wife and mother. She found a woman named Reva and later told Reva her intention. Reva did not not agree but after Aliya persuaded her, she finally agreed.At first,Aliya wanted to hide the secret of her husband got married to Reva and have a child from the marriage because she pretends that she is pregnant and wanted her MIL believe that the child is hers but later her MIL found out her plans and got mad with Aliya. Her MIL refused to forgive Aliya for doing that.Aliya suffered a lot after that incident...

To tell the truth, I missed a lot of episodes of this drama and yesterday I watched the new season. In the new season, after the death of their (Aliya & Reva)husband (Krisna), both of them staying in the same house with their MIL. New role of Gunawan Sudrajat as Dr. Dimas really makes me not to miss each episode of the new season..hehe...Dr. Dimas is really something..

Gunawan a.k.a Dr Dimas

Gunawan with wife, Lala

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tiring week....

I just came back from GVR yesterday. I conducted training for 4 nights and was so damn much under pressure rite now..I wish I can have a break for a week or two and go for a holiday to Maldives or Carribean Island...boleh??

Since we worked on Public Holiday, we were given a day off on Tuesday by our big boss,RAR...Thanks boss.

Erm,since today is the replacement of yesterday's PH for FT, I decided to go out for a date with my sweetheart. Nothing much I do today. Other than went out for a date, one important activity not to be missed; sleeping....hehe...5 days in GVR, I can't sleep at all, it was all about work..I really miss my hubby at that time. Thank God I live in a world of technology and all I have to do is to press the button and talk to him or I can just text him to say hye. Technology makes your life easy.

Life is so interesting, before this I just feel like nobody but now I feel like worth a billion dollar to my company. The trust that my superior given to me is something I have to take it seriously. It's all on my shoulder now..Every step I take is either success or failure. It's all about commitment, responsibility, and professionalism.

I would say I am very lucky to be part of Dato' Zubir's family. However, a lot of thing to be sacrifice. Time..Most of my time I have devoted to WORK. My time with hubby, family and friends becomes so limited. I called my family every one or two weeks. I did not cook for the past 2 months.only on weekends but I really appreciate my husband coz he understands me well.Thanks sayang for being a great husband to me. :)

Plan for tomorrow?. Will be going back to KL to visit parents and parents in-law.Dah lama tak jumpa cute niece, Umairah.

I need to go to bed now, extremely tired and sleepy. Will blog again tomorrow.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who???I know that guy.....

A friend organized a gathering last nite for close friends. When I arrived there I saw one of a friend that I have not seen for quite some time. I came to her and we had chit chat. Suddenly,she told me that she is getting engaged next week. I asked her whether I knw that lucky guy. She smiled and showed me the picture of her soon-to-be fiance, at my surprised I know the guy in the pic very well..we used to be working in the same company!!...what a small world..I smiled to her and told her that I know this guy and she shocked. She insisted to know more abt this guy from me..but I told her that she should know him herself. I did tell her that she is very lucky to have this my personal view, this guy..let me call him as Mr S..Mr S is so nice,brilliant,committed and love his family very much. I am happy for my friend and I am happy for this guy.I pray for their happiness...Moga2 sampai ke jinjang pelamin dan kekal ke akhir hayat.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Today is Daddy's Birthday. Would like to wish him Happy Birthday. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki & diberikan kesihatan yang sempurna.