Friday, February 27, 2009

Wildan's Farewell...

Today is the last day for Wildan in SDBS...He has completed his 3-months internship. I was feeling a bit sad coz he's like a bro to me..we're very close..he's a good boy..I can share and talk just abt anything with him..After GHR meeting at Head Office this morning, my boss took him to Tenjin (Japanese Buffet Restaurant) at Solaris, Mont Kiara for Farewell Lunch. We arrived in Tenji at 12.30 pm and finished at 3.30 pm..hahaha..lama tu!!..mana taknya...buffet ma....besides,tunggu Mr.RO yang lambat sampai sbb sesat jalan...he came all the way from Subang Jaya.

I ate a lot of sushi and drink a lot of coconut...let me tell you that the coconut taste very nice..It was my second time at Tenji. Before this, I had a lunch with client; Ms Evelyn and Ms. Jil.

FYI, the price per head is very reasonable. It's just RM 77..reasonable coz you can eat as much as you can...if you are a big eater like me,then it's a perfect choice..I can go for 5-6 round and eat most of the dishes there...try MISO is nioe..The foods are fresh...I will bring my family to this restaurant..My mom loves Japanese/Chinese food...

Back to Wildan story, me and my boss glad to have Wildan around...he has helped us a lot for the past 3-months. Hope that he will keep in touch with us. While waiting for the next intake for a degree programme in July, he has accepted an offer from our client to work with them for another 3-months or so.

I would like to wish him best of luck!. A while ago, he did text to thank me. Wildan, if you read this, you are most welcome. Thanks for being a good friend and a good brother to me.

May our path cross again and would be glad to have you again @ SDBS in future. Plese let us know if you change your number....aits..

Good Luck Wildan...all the best to you.

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